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TPC: Tactical Pistol Course hosted by Pasquale Caleca
Jun 11, 9:00 AM EDT
Okeechobee Shooting Sports
The original Tactical Pistol Course utilized by the Federal Air Marshal Service.

Skill Level: Intermediate + Above

Tactical Pistol Course, where we bring the intensity and precision of Federal Air Marshal qualification testing to enhance your firearm skills. Inspired by the rigorous standards set by the Federal Air Marshal Service, this course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and mindset to handle a pistol confidently in high-stress situations. Our TPC is led by Pasquale Caleca, an experienced retired senior Federal Air Marshal.


Participants interested in our Tactical Pistol Course should have a strong understanding of their weapon handling skills. This course is not for novice or beginner students. Completion of this course is aimed to elevate your proficiency, confidence, and preparedness as a responsible armed citizen. 

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